Working in noisy environments: Focus on prevention and solutions!

People who work in noisy environments make up a large percentage of Quebecers who suffer from hearing loss. While many people are living with the problem, few know much about it or the negative effects they should look for.

These workers should take care of their hearing health as much as the other aspects of their health to prevent irreversible damage to their hearing system.


Working for a long time in a loud environment can lead to permanent hearing loss when structures of the inner ear are affected. Besides reduced hearing, a noisy workplace can also cause tinnitus.

Constant noise affects more than the auditory system; it can also lead to various health problems that have serious repercussions. Some of those problems include sleep issues and acute stress on the cardiovascular system.


For all these reasons, you need to protect your ears and your hearing! First, try to reduce workplace noise at its source whenever possible (use quieter machinery, install soundproofing, etc.). Second, it is very important to wear hearing protection for the entire time you’re working to reduce the risk of acoustic trauma.


Workers can use noise-protection headsets, foam ear plugs or custom-moulded ear plugs that are more comfortable to wear.


Noise-reducing ear plugs:

Various types of moulded ear plugs are available for hearing protection. Regular noise-reducing ear plugs block the most noise possible. However, sometimes you need to hear what people are saying on a noisy worksite. In this case, filtered noise-reducing ear plugs allow speech frequencies to go through while still blocking impact noises.

Specialized filtering ear plugs for musicians:

Musicians also need to protect their hearing. Regularly listening to loud music can damage their hearing. To protect it, musicians can use specialized filtered ear plugs that provide stable noise reduction on the frequency spectrum. The filter is interchangeable and provides noise reduction of -9dB, -15 dB and -25 dB.

Taking care of our hearing health is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle!