Hearing loss is a very common problem that can affect anyone, even you. You may notice the first signs of decreased hearing acuity at around 40 years old. You’re not alone! In people 65 years old and over, one in three have hearing loss. That goes up to one in two starting at age 75.

But why is it so important to take care of our hearing?

Passivity can make you lose precious time
Specialists stress the importance of taking care of hearing problems as early as possible. They suggest seeing a hearing health professional as soon as there are signs of hearing decline and to have a hearing test done every two years after age 50.

Unfortunately, statistics show that people can wait up to seven years before seeing a hearing health professional about their hearing problem. Among them, only 25% with confirmed hearing loss take steps to get help, which is usually hearing correction with hearing aids.

Don’t forget: The longer you wait, the greater the impact will be on your quality of life !

Irreversible in most cases
Did you know that hearing loss is irreversible in 90% of cases?

People with hearing loss due to age or consistent exposure to loud noises may never regain their hearing.

Only using specific solutions like hearing aids will help them alleviate the problem and regain their former quality of life.

Act quickly to age well
You may think that hearing loss doesn’t affect your health beyond your hearing. On the contrary, untreated hearing loss can have more impact than you’d think, especially on your mental health. The better we hear, the less likely we are to experience cognitive problems, isolation, depression or withdrawal.

According to studies, starting at 75 years old, the risk of developing a degenerative illness like Alzheimer’s disease is 2.5 times greater in people with hearing loss. Dementia can also be accelerated by unaddressed hearing health. In addition, reduced hearing can make it difficult to understand speech and can interfere with social activities. .

To age well, the brain needs to receive stimulation from all the senses. Using hearing aids should be considered as soon as signs of hearing loss appear, to maintain an active sense of hearing.

By taking care of your hearing health,
you’re taking care of your overall health!


Why wait?

If you think you or a loved one has hearing loss, our hearing health professionals are available to help you rediscover the pleasure of hearing.

Contact one of our clinics: www.legroupeforget.com.

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