L’impact de la musique sur le cerveau

The impact of music on the brain

Playing and listening to music can have beneficial effects on the brain. A specific song can bring us back in time, conjure up deep emotions or inspire daydreams.  


After being captured by the ear’s structures and the hearing system, sound is processed by different parts of the brain. The segments of the brain involved in processing sound deal with memory, emotions and senses, plus some that are specific to music.


1. Banishes fatigue

Music with a high tempo, or beats per minute (BPM), can also make athletes move faster, according to a study by sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis, of Brunel University London, UK.

2. Releases dopamine in the brain

As demonstrated by several studies of the brain, music activates the same areas that stimulate emotions. When we listen to music we like, the neural circuits that are activated are those involved in the mechanisms of motivation and reward, which are linked to the effects of drug dependencies, but also to chocolate and extreme sports.

3. Improves sleep and relaxation

Music’s calming effects have been observed in people of all ages. The findings of clinical studies done with older people show that music therapy can help people fall asleep, reduce the number of night wakings and improve sleep quality by increasing its duration and effectiveness.

4. Creates a feeling of well-being and positive emotions

Musical works have an expressive structure that is powerful enough to invoke emotional states. They can also lower stress levels and improve mood.

5. Sparks creativity

Music helps develop attention and memory. It facilitates the problem-solving process by promoting a creative environment that encourages self-expression. Specific music may bring up memories and associations. Listening to music when relaxed and receptive stimulates thoughts, images and feelings.

Good hearing will help you make the most of music’s positive impacts.

If you’re unsure about your hearing or that of a loved one, our hearing health professionals will be happy to answer your questions.

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