Swimming ear protectors: for kids and adults alike!

Designed to keep water from entering the ear, these ear plugs are recommended for myringotomy, ear infections, ears that are sensitive to water and after ear surgery.

Protective ear plugs with many uses:

  • Showers
  • Visits to the hairdresser
  • Swimming pool
  • Beach

Swimming ear plugs fit your ear canal perfectly to create a watertight seal. They allow you to enjoy every moment in your daily life.

Soft and hypoallergenic

Soft and hypoallergenic, these ear plugs come in a wide range of colours—from subtle to bright—and can be purchased with a cord to keep them together.


For more details on hearing protection for swimming, we invite you to consult the web page on this subject at: www.legroupeforget.com/en/hearing-aids/protecteurs-auditifs


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