customized earplugs

Protect your hearing with customized earplugs

Did you know that our hearing is fragile and that a whole range of sounds in your environment can damage it? Fortunately, there are practical solutions such as customized earplugs that can protect your hearing.

The effects of noise on our hearing

When you have to speak louder to talk to a person near you, this is an indication that the environmental noise is loud enough to damage your hearing. Extended exposure to some sounds can impair your hearing permanently.

Short-term effects

  • Threatens worker safety
  • Disrupts concentration
  • Increases fatigue
  • Reduces performance
  • Increases stress

Long-term effects

  • Permanent deafness
  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Health problems


Risk factors

Some people lose their hearing faster than others. The number of people affected increases if:

  • the sound level increases.
  • the period of exposure is prolonged.

According to the CSST, industrial deafness is one of the most common professional illnesses. Every year, a number of claims regarding hearing are made because of a lack of protection against
dangerous noises.


Practical solutions: customized earplugs

Stage monitors : The headphones connect directly to the console via a wireless system, so stage speakers are no longer needed. In-ear stage monitors also protect the ears by reducing noise by 15 to 20 dB.

Ideal for: stage musicians.


Hearing protection for musicians : Custom made to fit the ear, earplugs for musicians are effective without affecting the sound of the music. They come in three noise reduction levels: 9 dB, 15 dB or 25 dB.

Ideal for: musicians, bar employees, rock concert goers, dentists, flight attendants, soldiers


Noise-blocking earplugs : Custom made to fit the person’s ears, this type of earplug is comfortable, easy to take care of and long lasting. These earplugs are designed to selectively block out certain noises while allowing the person to talk with others.

Ideal for: people exposed to noisy situations (factory or construction workers, people using loud tools)


Protection for hunting and shooting : This type of earplug protects the ears from detonation noise while amplifying higher sounds like branches moving, making it easier to locate the source of the sound.


Sleeping earplugs : These custom-made earplugs are very comfortable and cancel out just enough noise to get you a good night’s sleep.


Swimming earplugs : Designed to protect the ears against water infiltration, these earplugs are recommended after surgery and for paracentesis, ear infections or ears that are sensitive to water. Swimmer’s earplugs are waterproof and made to fit your ear canal perfectly. They let you make the most of your usual daily activities, in summer and in winter. The earplugs are made of a soft, hypoallergenic material. They are available with a cord between them and in a range of colours, from subtle to flashy.


See Our products pages for more information about customized earplugs and make an appointment with your audioprosthetist, he or she will recommend the best solutions to meet your needs.