One hearing aid is good, two is better

Two eyes, two hands, two feet, two ears… When you or someone close to you experiences a hearing loss, is it better to wear one hearing aid or two?

What are the advantages of hearing with both ears?

Try blocking one ear to listen to a program or to music. What do you notice? “With two ears, it’s much easier to understand speech and to make out sounds in a noisy environment,” explains audioprosthesist Mathieu Vézina. “Sound quality is better and clearer. And finally, hearing is much more comfortable and balanced.”

And most importantly, it really is much easier to locate where sound is coming from with two hearing aids. For example, when you take a walk, you will be better able to know where a car is coming from and if it’s nearby or far away, even when it’s behind you.

What is the risk of sensory deprivation?

Studies show that when you wear a device in only one ear, the other ear’s ability to understand speech will decline much more than in the ear with the device. The difference is huge, ranging from 5% to 17%, depending on the case. By depriving one of your ears of auditory stimulation, you run the risk of decreasing your ability to understand speech, even if you wear a device later.

That’s why it’s important to have your hearing checked regularly, to decrease the impact that hearing loss can have on your day-to-day life. Good hearing is one of the factors that allows you to stay socially active and to stay in contact with your loved ones.

For more information about why it’s better to have two hearing aids

Don’t hesitate to consult an audioprosthesist at Groupe Forget. You can make an appointment online or phone 1-888-ENTENDRE (1-888-368-3637). The first consultation is free!

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