L'entourage, le plus grand des alliés

Loved ones – The greatest allies towards better hearing!

How you can help a loved one who is having trouble hearing?

Does your loved one often ask you to repeat what you’ve said? Are they not hearing the phone ring? Or not hearing you speak when their back is toward you? If these events occur on a daily basis, they may be signs of hearing loss.


“Are you listening, Grandpa?”
You might hear this question often. Did you know that one of the signs of hearing loss is difficulty understanding young children or women? They speak in higher tones, which are the first to be lost in age-related hearing loss.
To avoid missing out on any of the precious conversations with friends or family, a visit with a hearing health professional is advised.

A hearing screening is the first easy and simple step to good hearing health.

“There’s too much noise. I can’t hear at thing!”
In noisy locations or during events where several people are talking at the same time, this background noise can make communication difficult. Someone with hearing loss would have trouble following conversations in these environments. The person will ask to repeat what was said, and may seem tired at the end of the event because of all the energy spent trying to concentrate.
There are solutions to keep your loved ones from isolating themselves because of hearing problems.

An audioprosthetist will explain the various solutions and some effective communication strategies.

“I feel like I’m always asking you to say it again!”

You might notice a change in the behaviour of the person with hearing loss, such as isolating themself or remaining apart from group conversations.
People who can’t hear well might feel embarrassed or guilty for asking others to repeat what they’ve said. These negative feelings cause increasing frustration over time.

Be open to discussing the situation with them and encouraging them to see a hearing health professional who will be able to continue the discussion.


If you’re unsure about the hearing of a loved one, our hearing health professionals are available to answer your questions and explain the next steps.

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