Hearing well + understanding well = communicating well!

Do you know someone with hearing loss? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your conversation is free of barriers.

4 TIPS –  What to do to communicate clearly with someone experiencing hearing

– TIP # 1:

Make sure you have the person’s attention before you start speaking. You can simply say the person’s name so they know to pay attention to you. You can also tell them what subject you’re talking about.

– TIP #2:

Repeat what you said if the person asks you to, but try to say it with different words so you can provide more information. Don’t simply repeat what you said at a louder volume. Check that the person understood you before continuing.

– TIP #3:

Get closer to the person if you’re in a noisy place or are more than two metres away. Maintain eye contact and reduce the background noise whenever possible.

– TIP #4:

Use facial expressions and other physical gestures to improve comprehension. When possible, support your spoken words with a visual demonstration. Watch the person’s non-verbal communication like their eyes and their arm movements.


Suggest that they get their hearing checked by and audioprosthetist. A hearing screening in our clinic is free and takes just a few minutes.



4 tips for clear conversation

– TIP #1:

Don’t try to talk to the person from a different room. Sound doesn’t know how to move around corners or through doors! Keep eye contact and focus on the person as you talk together.

– TIP #2:

Don’t yell. Whether you’re in person or on the phone, yelling changes your voice. It also changes your facial expressions, making it harder to read them.

– TIP #3:

Don’t cover your mouth while you’re speaking because this prevents the person from reading your lips. Lower a mask or scarf to make conversing easier.

– TIP #4:

Don’t speak very slowly. This doesn’t help people hear better. Exaggerated pronunciation can make it more difficult to read lips.



 Communicating well with hearing loss has an impact on daily life

More than anything else, hearing keeps us connected to the world around us. Whether it’s communicating with friends and family, interacting with colleagues – when you hear better, you simply live better!

For more tips and tricks on how to better communicate with someone who is hard of hearing, don’t hesitate to contact a hearing care professional.