Hear again

Hear again: patience and follow-up, keys to successful adaptation

You just purchased your hearing aid? Congratulations, this decision is probably one of the most important decisions you can take to hear again and to improve your quality of life, but this is just the beginning.

Consider your purchase as the start of something new, something that has to be built. You will hear sounds again that you haven’t heard in a long time and that may feel strange at first. For some
people, this adjustment period may be very short, but it could also take time, particularly if you have had a hearing loss for many years.


Hear the sounds

During the adjustment period, the following notions will ring true:

  • Your perception of sounds will seem strange for the first few days. This is quite normal. You’ll need time for your brain to learn to hear sounds that it has forgotten.
  • Hearing aids help you hear better, but they can’t restore your hearing back to normal. You need to have realistic expectations.
  • Wearing hearing aids does not mean that you will hear every sound in every situation. Keep in mind that even people with normal hearing don’t pick up every sound.


Adapting to hearing aids

If you aren’t comfortable with your hearing aid, wear it for only a few hours a day and gradually built that up until you are comfortable from morning till night. Some professionals even suggest that you try listening to audio books wearing earphones for a while to get you used to the feel.

Once you get over the initial period, you’ll start seeing your hearing aid as a tool that you just can’t live without. But make sure you keep it in good condition.
Moisture and earwax can alter the electronic components of your device and reduce performance. Daily maintenance and regular visits to your hearing-care professional will ensure that you get optimum performance out of your device and will make it last longer too. And of course, your audioprosthesist will always be on hand to advise you of the latest technological advances in hearing aids that could help you hear even better.

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