National hearing day

Groupe Forget participates in Quebec’s first edition of the National Hearing Day!

Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists is pleased to participate to the very first edition of Quebec’s National Hearing Day on May 2nd, 2017. As a partner in this event, free hearing screening tests will be offered in our participating clinics across Quebec.

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 “Quebec’s National Hearing Day and Groupe Forget share the same vision in terms of the importance of hearing. It was therefore natural for us to get involved as a partner in this event”, explained Mr. Steve Forget, president of Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists.


The country of France, a source of inspiration for the National Hearing Day

The country of France, where a similar event has been taking place for the past 20 years, inspired people within the Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec to hold this venue. The goal was to initiate Quebec’s National Hearing Day and thus raising public awareness across the province about the importance of hearing.


Hearing: a precious human sense

Ears allow us to hear, listen and communicate. Taking care of our hearing health, brings us a step closer to a better quality of life. In fact, hearing loss might be invisible, but it is not without consequence: hearing has an impact on physical and psychological health.


The purpose of Quebec’s National Hearing Day is to recognize how important our hearing is and understand its influence on the population’s global health. For more information:

The mission of Groupe Forget is to help those with hearing loss rediscover the pleasure of hearing. In its thirtieth year of existence and with more than 80 clinics, Groupe Forget is the largest hearing health network in Quebec.

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