Good food choices can protect your hearing

Good food choices can protect your hearing!

Many people think that hearing loss is an inevitable part of aging. However, research is now focusing on finding modifiable risk factors, which are things that we have the power to change in our diet and lifestyle that would prevent hearing loss or slow its progress.

How can diet protect hearing?

Did you know that what we eat has a direct impact on our hearing health and on hearing loss? In order for these preventive strategies to work, we have to start eating healthy as soon as possible, and of course, we need to protect our precious ears from repetitive, loud noises.

Paying attention to diet can:

– Reduce the effects of cell oxidation with anti-oxidant vitamins

– Reduce inflammation with lipids and a balanced pH (acid/alkaline)

– Protect blood circulation, especially in the cochlea


Follow the “hearing diet” to keep your hearing longer

Watching your food intake also takes care of your ears and improves hearing. All the studies on the subject agree: a nourishing, varied, balanced diet leads to better hearing. It might be hard to imagine that nutrition could be good for your hearing, yet it is!


However, it is very important to understand that nutrients will not restore lost hearing; they only help protect your hearing capital and do not heal loss. The best thing you can do is start eating healthy as early as possible.

Good hearing helps you enjoy life longer!

If you aren’t sure you’re hearing well, or are concerned about a loved one, our hearing health professionals are available to answer your questions and take you through the next steps so you can rediscover the joy of hearing.


If you have any doubts about your hearing or that of a loved one, our hearing health professionals are here to answer your questions and guide you through the next steps to regain the pleasure of hearing.

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