Do you know how to communicate effectively with a person with hearing loss?

Communicating clearly is difficult for many people with hearing loss and can increase their stress. It can also be a challenge for their conversation partners if they are not familiar with this situation.
Here are some tips to make communication easier for everyone!


– Make sure the person has understood what was said before continuing.
– Rephrase what you said if needed, don’t just repeat the same words or speak louder.


– When possible, support your words with gestures or a demonstration.
– Maintain eye contact.
– Watch the person’s non-verbal communication, in the eyes and movement of their arms, for example.
– Focus on the person, don’t look at your phone or elsewhere.


– Get their attention before speaking
– Reduce background noise if possible
– Tell them the topic
– Write down key words if needed
– Add relevant gestures
– Use simple, short sentences
– Speak slowly and clearly without exaggerating your pronunciation


Whether you’re talking on the phone or in person, it is important to avoid:

– Yelling
– Repeating the same thing several times in the same words