Choosing your hearing aids: An important step

Choosing your hearing aids: An important step

Do you have hearing loss and want to get hearing aids? Once you’ve had a complete hearing test done by an audiologist, you’re ready to meet with an audioprosthetist to choose your hearing aids.

An audioprosthetist is the hearing professional who will show you the choice of hearing aids and help you choose the best ones for your particular situation.

4 things to consider when choosing hearing aids

   1. The degree of hearing loss

Did you know that the audiologist takes into account the type and degree of your hearing loss in order to suggest the most compatible models for your specific situation?

In general, if you have hearing loss in both ears, it is recommended to get two hearing aids. Binaural hearing aids provide better acoustic comfort and speech comprehension.


   2. Your daily needs

The audioprosthetist will also ask you about your needs and your lifestyle. In what type of sound environment would you like to improve your comprehension? Maybe you want to hear better when eating out at a restaurant, at a work conference, at a play, when watching TV and so on.

Understanding your particular hearing difficulties and your goals will help the audioprosthetist point you toward the models and technologies that will meet your needs and expectations.


   3. Your dexterity

You should also take into account your physical abilities and limitations to make sure you can easily handle your new hearing aids.

If, for example, changing the tiny batteries every week would be too difficult because of arthritis or low vision, then a rechargeable model would make it easier for you.


   4. Your tastes

Hearing aids now come in a range of styles and colours that can be matched to your tastes and lifestyle. They can be totally discreet even when you have them on every day!


The best choice for you!

The best hearing aids for you will be those that make it possible for you to communicate in every situation you come across. They should also make sounds pleasant, be easy to use every day and, most importantly, be comfortable.


Eligibility for financial assistance

As you are choosing your hearing aids, the audioprosthetist is also required to explain that you may be eligible to have the cost of one or both of your hearing aids covered by a governmental organization (RAMQ, CNESST, VAC, etc.).


You have questions about which hearing aid and technological features would be best for you? Make an appointment with your audioprosthetist!

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BY Marilyn Beauregard, Audioprosthetist, Groupe Forget

* An evaluation by an audiologist is required to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patient’s needs